My name is Stephen Cobb, and I’m running for Advisory Neighborhood Commission to represent Trinidad.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) are unpaid elected bodies that serve as residents’ official voice before the District government. ANCs also help neighbors with local issues such as construction, parking, trash pickup, business licensing, public safety, and more.

Why I’m Running

I moved to Trinidad almost three years ago because it’s a vibrant, close-knit neighborhood. I immediately started attending ANC meetings to get plugged into the community and educate myself on the issues important to ANC 5D. In 2019, I helped the ANC set up its Zoning and Development Committee. Over the past year, I have served on that Committee to obtain neighbors’ input on local building projects, offer feedback to the ANC, and help neighbors with construction-related issues. Through my work with the ANC, I have built strong relationships with neighbors and District officials. I will use this experience to benefit Trinidad.

I promise to be an inclusive, accessible, and transparent Commissioner who will build on the productive work of our current ANC. I will work for safe streets where all feel welcome, no matter who you are or how you get around. I will advocate to divert funds from MPD to invest in violence interrupters, mental-health professionals, and social workers. I will also fight displacement while working to make Trinidad affordable and family-friendly. Above all, I will be a Commissioner who listens and is always available to chat. My information is at the bottom of this page; feel free to get in touch!

What Others Are Saying

“As a prior ANC 5D Commissioner, Stephen was one of the few residents who stayed actively engaged in ANC 5D through various means, including the zoning and development committee, and added much value. No doubt, Stephen will serve the community well if elected.” – Jason Burkett, former ANC 5D Commissioner

About ANC 5D

ANC 5D is a diverse area with rowhouses, large apartment buildings, schools, churches, parks, and local businesses. It encompasses Gallaudet University and the surrounding neighborhoods: Union Market to the west, Ivy City to the north, and Trinidad and Carver–Langston to the east.

ANC 5D is divided into seven Single Member Districts, and each Single Member District is represented by an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.

ANC 5D, outlined in red

Single Member District 5D07 represents the middle third of Trinidad. Its boundaries are:

  • West: West Virginia Avenue
  • South: Oates Street
  • East: Bladensburg Road
  • North:
    • Queen Street
    • Trinidad Avenue
    • Childress Street
    • Holbrook Street
    • 16th Street
    • Meigs Place


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