Policy Views

Housing for All

Housing is a human right. And in ANC 5D, we have a diverse population. So we require diverse housing. That means a mix of single-family homes, small multifamily buildings, and large apartments. The District is in a housing crisis. More people want to live here now than ever before. Yet there isn’t enough housing for everyone. So our housing costs are skyrocketing—and only worsening with inflation. Through inclusionary zoning, rent control, and other means, District law ensures that some homes are affordable today. But those programs need strengthening. And above all, to ensure long-term housing affordability, the District needs to build more housing. By building more market-rate housing, there will be fewer people bidding for more-affordable units. And by building more housing of all types, over time housing costs will decrease.
(Photo Credit: Moravsky Vrabec, UrbanTurf)

Safe Streets

The District’s streets are more dangerous than they’ve been in years. As the world opens back up, we are seeing an epidemic of dangerous driving that is killing dozens of people in DC every year. To combat this, we need to make it easier for everyone to get around by means other than a car. We need wider, shadier sidewalks. We need more protected bike lanes that connect and create a complete network around the city. We need protected bus lanes, increased bus service, and better bus shelters. And we need Metrorail to increase service beyond pre-pandemic frequency.

Public Safety

In the last two years, the District has seen crime increase. But, to decrease crime, we cannot rely on the police alone. Police are necessarily reactive; they cannot do much to prevent crime. Instead, preventing crime requires a proactive, multi-pronged approach. That approach involves participation of violence interrupters, mental-health professionals, school officials, job providers, and others. It is necessarily a community-based approach.

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